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QMS Software – Zero Defects In Quality Management.

“Zero defects” was a theory that was developed in the business world to attempt the reduction of waste for an existing project. “Waste” refers to all the unproductive tools, employees, and processes being used in a company. Anything that acts as waste and does not add value to a specific project should be removed from company procedures. This process is known as the elimination of waste. Elimination of waste offers improvement while lowering the costs in a company, in parallel.

Along with the “Zero defects” theory, comes a concept of performing a task right the first time to avoid time-consuming and costly reimbursements in the future during a project.

The theory of Zero Defects In Quality Management is represented by four elements to implement into real-life projects.

1. “Quality” is categorized by a variety of factors but mainly focuses on assuring optimal level output through a set of well-defined requirements and easily implemented procedures. Therefore, “Zero defects” refers to fulfilling said requirements within the specified time for achieving high-quality results.

2. Quality needs to be thoroughly established to ensure that when performing procedures that are minimal or complex, the most should be made out of said procedure to ensure that each process is conducted the right way. That way, all problems are solved during the process and not at a later stage.

3. Quality is measured financially. This means that the relevant procedures should be within budgetary standards and that there is minimal to no waste within the company.

4. When conducting a project, standards are set to ensure that the output produced is of quality. To ensure “Zero defects,” the performance of each process should be judged based on the acceptable standards which should be as perfect as possible.

While Zero defects is an acceptable methodology to follow, perfection is still being worked on. However, with the Harrington Group International QMS software, companies can now come as close to perfection as possible in achieving Zero defects.

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