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Training Management

Harrington Quality Management System

Is our flagship world-class software for enterprise process improvement, compliance and quality management.

Training Management

HQMS Training Management provides a centralized system to plan and track all of your training-related activities, including training requirements, training roles, scheduling, recurrences, and task management as well as powerful reporting from a single location.

HQMS Training Management provides for documentation and management of various types of training activities. Careful planning and preparation are important to maintaining a trained work force. Proper management of training activities will help keep your facility up and running at full capacity and in compliance with federal, state or local regulations.

HQMS Training Management helps keep a handle on all the things that are necessary to have a fully trained team at all times. It allows trainings to be assigned to users, trainings to be scheduled, and even provides for training documentation to be attached or associated with the training record.

HQMS Training Management helps keep those involved in managing and coordinating training in touch and better involved in the training process.