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Reports And Queries

Harrington Quality Management System

Is our flagship world-class software for enterprise process improvement, compliance and quality management.

Reports and Queries

Harrington Quality Management System is capable of generating presentation-quality reports, along with flexible analysis, and diagnostic capabilities, or advanced interactive reporting over the web. The following features are available:

  • Create reports quickly and easily with user friendly report export solutions.
  • Have complete user control over data manipulation and selection using advanced building-block easy-touch commands.
  • Focus in on important data or uncover hidden relationships with charts and reports.
  • Distribute reports to MS Word, Excel, Text, PDF, HTML, e-mail, or over the web.
  • Take advantage of advanced web reporting technology for ad hoc query and analysis.
  • Provide for comprehensive grouping, sorting, and sub-reports.

HQMS has a broad selection of charts and reports for all the applications that make up the system. The screenshots below represent only a small cross section of the reports and charts available through HQMS.

List Schedule Reports

The most simple reports are often the most important. Reviewing tasks assigned to a user, audits scheduled for a particular week or month, or any other data can be very useful for seeing at a glance how many records are outstanding or upcoming.

Pareto Reports

Most quality management operations spend 80% of their time and effort resolving the top 20% of their problems. Pareto reports help you see those top time consuming problems so you can invest the time in resolving their causes and improve efficiency.

Trend Charts

Trend charts allow review of any kinds of trends in your quality operations. Knowing when records are open and closed, and which users take longer or initiate more records is all important for grasping the operations of your quality system.

Aging Reports

Aging reports are the best barometer for the efficiency of your quality system. By reviewing the age of open records in your system you can refocus efforts in any areas that need extra attention.

Flexible Charting Options

Every chart can be configured on-the-fly to suit your needs. Whether the data is better presented as a line, bar or pie graph, in 2 dimensions or 3, charts can be changed to provide data on Key Performance Indicators.