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Harrington Quality Management System

Is our flagship world-class software for enterprise process improvement, compliance and quality management.

HQMS has too many features to show in one place. The following screenshots are just highlights of some of the more prominent features. The best way to experience the power and flexibility of Harrington Enterprise Quality Management Software is to request an Online Demo!

HQMS support several modes of authentication. Forms authentication, Windows Authentication and Single Sign On (SSO) are all supported authentication mechanisms in the HQMS software.

The HQMS application supports a single system wide search field allowing for easy navigation of records from the users home page. This allows a simple search to be run against all records in all systems.

Allows a quick and comprehensive overview of each system and key metrics for these systems. Whether you want to view how many records were created or time to close or how many records are overdue the executive dashboard provides you these key metrics and more.

The personalized welcome screen is the first thing every user sees when they log into HQMS and presents each user with alerts on coming-due and over-due records assigned to them as well as links to the parts of HQMS they have access to.

The HQMS Search and Alerts bar provides an easy link to any task, signature or notification you have in the system. No searching is required. Just log in and expand each area to see the alerts, notifications or signatures required.

Every application in HQMS has a home page that contains the associated modules and links to the list and reporting pages for the modules. This home page serves as a centralized jumping-off point for creating and working with records of any type within HQMS.

HQMS uses electronic signatures to perform many record closures. This extra level of protection prevents accidental record closure and provides full accountability for the closure and contents of any record in the system.

Advanced query features allow sorting and filtering of any list in HQMS. A quality management system may have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of records. The ability to quickly search those records for one containing specific data or belonging to a specific user is what makes a large system usable.

Through user groups, users can be assigned tasks and categorized to perform various job functions without manually adding every user that needs to work on a particular project or record every time.

By creating rights templates for users or groups, each user can be allowed access and control to the sections of the system that they need to access. This helps keep users focused on their primary tasks and prevents both accidental and malicious data loss.

The external ComPort page allows any customer or member of the public to submit questions or problems for your quality team to review and act upon as needed. This maintains the security of your system, but allows your clients a hands-on involvement in the resolution of problems.

ComPort allows the outside party that initiated the record to review it at any time without compromising your secure system. This completes the loop and returns the results of the initiators feedback to them.