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Opportunity For Improvement

Harrington Quality Management System

Is our flagship world-class software for enterprise process improvement, compliance and quality management.

Opportunity for Improvement

HQMS Opportunity for Improvement (OFI) provides a systematic set of steps to analyze any opportunity for improvement.  OFI contains checklists and prompts that utilize the ISO9001:2015 Life Cycle to guide users through the process.  OFI can help you uncover hidden opportunities for improvement and help reduce your operating costs.

The OFI application allows end users to catalog and track ideas which they feel would successfully benefit their corporate environment and serves as a tool to identify the tangible and intangible benefits of performing improvement activities.  It provides users with the ability to weigh an improvement idea’s benefits against the actual projected cost of the improvement itself, while simultaneously tallying the data results on–the–fly.  Like every HQMS application, Opportunity for Improvement is fully customizable to suit all of your team’s needs.

Inputs to management review for OFI consideration can include

Results of Audits

Customer Feedback

Process Performance and Product Conformity

Any Preventive and Corrective Action

Previous Actions and  Outcomes

Recommendations for improvement

OFI allows users to scope out, evaluate, and measure the impact of a particular suggestion or problem through a storyboard template, which is commonly referred to as an Opportunity for Improvement. OFI provides a workspace where an idea or problem is reviewed and improvement savings are estimated, then as the idea is implemented its actual savings can be evaluated, rated, and documented.