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Management Action

Harrington Quality Management System

Is our flagship world-class software for enterprise process improvement, compliance and quality management.

Management Action

HQMS Management Action is used for a variety of situations. In general, Management Actions can be used for any scenario that requires planning, documentation, and an approval process.

In the Management Action record, you may identify a necessary action (corrective action, opportunity for improvement, etc.), assign someone as responsible for completing it, implement the action, and document any associated activities.

Management Actions have a workflow representing each of the following activities:

  • Acceptance – A designee takes ownership of the management action to ensure that the record is closed by the due date.
  • Planning – A designee develops and documents a plan to address the management action. Then, a responsible person/approver approves the plan.
  • Implementation – A designee describes the actions necessary to execute the plan. Then, the responsible person approves the implementation measures.
  • Completion – A designee summarizes the activities, results, and lessons learned from the management action record. Then, the responsible person approves the summary.
  • Closure – An approver closes the record, signifying that the management action record and all of its related activities are complete.