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Group Management

Harrington Quality Management System

Is our flagship world-class software for enterprise process improvement, compliance and quality management.

Group Management

With HQMS Group Management you can Organize your operation to maximize its efficiency through user groups and minimize time spent setting preferences for individual users. Using the internet to communicate with the HQMS system, administrators can compile user groups to make assignment of tasks and changing security setting and preferences much simpler and quicker. HQMS provides full control over user groups and settings.

Choosing the security settings for every single user in your Quality Management system would be very time consuming and annoying to change. HQMS allows you to create user groups, such as “maintenance” or “engineering,” to limit or expand the access of certain users within the system through the Group Management module. Group Management allows security and other settings to be changed, automatically applying such changes to many users at the same time, saving time and effort.

HQMS Group Management makes system setup and maintenance much simpler. Since the goal of a quality management system is to save time and money, HQMS was designed to have modules in place that save time in the operation and maintenance of the system itself. Flexibility and customizability add to the robustness of the system increasing its value to any company looking to improve on it’s quality management system.